Pouchong Oolong

Pouchong Oolong

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Pouchong is a very lightly oxidized Oolong. It is arguably the greenest Oolong of all. Pouchong brews a very floral cup with melon like fragrance. Subtle and smooth with delicate green tea notes. It has a lot of the green tea characteristics but does not have the sharp green tea vegetal notes. Its name in Chinese, literally "the wrapped kind", refers to a practice of wrapping the leaves in paper during the drying process that has largely been discontinued due to advancement in tea processing. At its best, Pouchong gives a floral and melon fragrance and has a rich, mild taste.

Oolongs follow almost the same production as black tea. The major difference between the two is in its shorter fermentation period - Oolongs are often referred to as semi-fermented teas. Pouchong undergoes a much shorter fermentation period. The result is a tea that is complex and also has a lot of the green characteristics.

Origin: Taiwan Grade: Pouchong Oolong

Altitude: 1000–2000 ft.   Manufacture Type: Handmade Oolong

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Brewing Instructions Per 8 oz. of Water