6 Tins Of Tea Sampler Gift Box

6 Tins Of Tea Sampler Gift Box


Great gifting idea for any occasion. A nice package to introduce the healthy tea drinking to your love ones and friends.

Come in a box are 6 tea sampler tins. Each sampler tin makes 5-10 cups of tea.

Available Combinations:

  • Black Teas: Darjeeling Margaret's Hope, Ceylon Kenilworth, Assam Behora, Kenya Milima, Earl Grey and English Breakfast.
  • Green Teas: Jasmine Green Tea, Sencha, Sencha Mint, Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Mango Green Tea, and Genmaicha.
  • Flavored Teas: Cream Earl Grey, Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Blueberry White Tea, Mango Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, and Sencha Mint.
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