Iced Tea is very easy to make. You can make any of your favorite tea into iced tea. Iced tea can be enjoyed pure or with sweetener (sugar, honey, agave, etc). Lemon juice or lime juice can also be added to boost the flavor.

The first step is the same as brewing your regular cup of hot tea, but you need to double the strength. Because you are going to dilute the tea with either ice or cold water, you will need to use twice the amount of tea leaves (6 grams of tea leaves per 8 oz. cup of water) and steep tea as usual. After the tea is brewed, add ice and enjoy.

Please note that clouding of the tea liquid may occur when ice is added to hot tea. This is more visible when higher quality tea leaves are used. It is normal and it does not affect the taste or quality of the tea. To prevent clouding, we can let the freshly brewed tea cool down to room temperature before adding ice.