How to Make Refreshing Iced Tea


Making iced tea is fairly simple and easy. Picture above is a demonstration on making iced tea.

1. To make 32 oz. iced tea, we need 4-5 teaspoons of tea. In this demonstration we use 5 teaspoons of our sleeping dragon green tea. 

2. To make 32 oz. of iced tea we will brew 16 oz. of hot tea first. We put the tea leaves into a tea pot. 

3. Pour hot water (195 degrees Fahrenheit) into the tea pot. Steep for a 3-5 minutes. 

4. Then we will prefill a glass jar about half full with ice.  

5. Pour the hot tea in to the glass jar. Use a strainer or filter to strainer the tea leave. You don't have to use a strainer, if you don't mind bits of leaves floating around, but pour it slowly.

6. The hot tea will melt some of the ice we put in earlier. So the last step is to top the jar off with some more ice.  

Now the iced tea is made. It only takes 5-10 minutes. You can garnish it with a few drops of lemon juice, mint and or sweetener.  

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