Aged White Tea

Aged (5 years) Silver Needle White Tea

Aged (5 years) Silver Needle White Tea

Aged White tea? Yes. White teas can actually be aged like Puer tea. The Chinese have been aging White teas pretty much since the time they started making White teas. There are two objectives in aging White teas.

First is aging them for medicinal purposes. Chinese believe that aged White teas can be drunk as an herbal supplement to keep a good balance of their elements. Because in traditional Chinese medicine, keeping the elements (5 elements) balanced is crucial to their health. 

Second is aging the teas for taste. If stored right, the White tea would continue to oxidized and develop a different taste profile. A properly aged white tea would have a deeply mellow taste with less astringency. Honey sweet notes would become more pronounced. This change of taste profile would apex when the tea is aged at 5 to 8 years. 

Currently, we stock 2 varieties of aged White tea. The Aged Silver Needle and the Aged Snowbud W hite Tea. Both of them are properly aged for more than 5 years in natural and dry storage.

Both are exceptional and deeply mellow. The Aged Silver Needle is slightly floral with notes of honey and with almost no astringency. While the Aged Snowbud is slightly astringent with hints of oakiness. Notes of walnut is present in the Aged Snowbud. You can't go wrong with either one of them.