Golden Monkey

Golden Monkey

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The famous spring Golden Monkey is grown and produced in Fujian, China. Golden Monkey is noted for its rich aroma, sweet taste, golden color and well-twisted tippy leaf. Leaves are harvested in Spring. After a labor intensive production process, this tea is hand sorted to ensure a beautiful leaf appearance. The leaves are curly, wiry and well twisted with a high percentage of tips evident. This exceptional tea can be infused multiple times.

Country of Origin: China     Manufacture Type: Hand sorted Orthodox

Region: Fujian Province         Altitude: 4800 ft

Grade: S.T.O.P (Special Tippy Orange Pekoe)

Cup Characteristics: A full bodied tea with an exotic origin character which tea tasters describe as ‘mouth-feel’.

Infusion: Very bright and golden coppery color

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Brewing Instructions Per 8 oz. of Water.