Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea

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The classic Gunpowder green tea brews a smooth, full-bodied cup with a hint of oakiness. A very nice tea to pick you up in the afternoon. It also makes very good iced tea.

Production of Gunpowder tea is unique. It is produced mainly in the mountainous areas on Zhejiang Province. After plucking, each individual leaf is rubbed and twisted by hand then dried by stir-frying in a large pan. Depending on the quality of the leaf, ambient humidity and temperature, up to 4 rounds of stir-fry drying may be required. Brew up a cup of Gunpowder tea, watch the leaves unfold, enjoy and relax!

Country of Origin: China    Manufacture Type: Steamed and pan-fried green tea

Infusion: Medium green with golden notes

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Brewing Instructions per 8 oz. of Water