Organic Green Rooibos

Organic Green Rooibos

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Organic Green Rooibos is delightfully aromatic and more delicate than a traditional Rooibos. The cup is light in appearance but displays a hearty herbal flavor with grassy overtones reminiscent of a quality Sencha.

Although normal Rooibos cultivation uses pesticides very sparingly to begin with, and fungicides never at all, the growing demand for organic produce saw the planting of Organic Rooibos patches overseen by 3rd party certification authorities. Following this came the development of green, unfermented Organic Rooibos. (Like all Rooibos teas, organic green Rooibos is naturally caffeine free.) The leaves were harvested, bruised and immediately fired, foregoing the traditional fermentation process. A popular and delicious tea was born!

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Brewing Instructions Per 8 oz. of Water