Jade Oolong

Jade Oolong

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Oolongs follow almost the same production as black tea. The major difference between the two is in its shorter fermentation period - Oolongs are often referred to as semi-fermented teas - Formosa Jade Oolong undergoes a 60% shorter fermentation period. The result is a deeply complex 20%-25% fermented Oolong tea that has characteristics of both black and green teas.

This Jade Oolong is entirely hand made and has a stunning leaf. When infused, the tea is complex - smoother than black tea, less grassy than green teas, and displays a certain balance and harmony in the cup that is almost orchid like. Like all Oolong teas, same leaves and be infused multiple times. We recommend this tea to be drunk straight without milk or sugar in order to appreciate its subtle complexities.

Origin: Taiwan   Grade: Jade Oolong

Altitude: 1000–2000 ft.      Manufacture Type: Handmade Oolong

Cup Characteristics: Very smooth with light floral notes.

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Tea Brewing Instructions Per 8 oz. of Water