Roasted Tung Ting Oolong

Roasted Tung Ting Oolong

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This delicious tea is a charcoal roasted version of the Tung Ting Oolong, aka Dong Ding Oolong, from Taiwan. The infusion is bright and golden. The roasting process gives this tea a unique taste profile. It is a medium-bodied tea that is nutty and mellowly sweet with light floral notes. Caffeine level is lower in this tea due to the roasting process.

This well rounded Roasted Tung Ting tea truly demonstrates the sophistication in Taiwan's Oolong tea making. While it would certainly please any seasoned Oolong drinker, it is also a starter tea for anyone who is new to the world of Oolong.

Traditionally this tea is served as a hot tea. Same batch of tea leaves can be brewed multiple times. We would also recommend trying it as an iced tea or cold brewed tea (please see cold brewing instructions below).

Origin: Taiwan   Type: Tung Ting (Dong Ding) Oolong

Altitude: 1000–3000 ft. 

Manufacture Type:  Charcoal roasted semi-fermented Oolong

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Cold Brewing Guide

This video briefly demonstrates how to make cold brew tea.

What is Cold Brewed Tea

Cold brewed tea is tea steeped in cold water for an extended period of time. The process brews the tea leaves slowly, using time rather than temperature to release the flavors. Free form catechins(antioxidants) and tanning acids, which are good for the human body, are more dissolvable and readily released in cold brewing as opposed to regular hot brewing. In addition, the amount of caffeine released from cold brewing tea is only half of the caffeine released from regular hot tea brewing.

How to Cold Brew Tea

  • Use cold water or iced water to brew tea. (It takes longer to brew tea with iced water).
  • Ratio of tea leaves to water is usually 1:50 by weight (you can adjust the ratio according to your taste).
  • Put loose tea or tea bags into a water container filled with cold or room temperature water.
  • Put the container into the refrigerator. * Do Not Put It In Freezer
  • Tea leaves which come in stripped form such as green tea, black tea or flat/wavy Oolong tea (Pouchong) should be brewed in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. We recommend 4-12 hours.
  • Tea leaves that are rolled such as Jade Oolong and Ti kuan Yin should be brewed in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. We recommend 6-12 hours.
  • Strain the tea leaves and enjoy the refreshing cold brewed tea. And if you have excess tea left over, put it back to the refrigerator (remember to strain the leaves).