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Snowbud White Tea is delicate and light. It brews a very bright cup that is crisp and fresh. The flavor is mellow with floral hints. When brewed, the leaves return to life and are emerald green.

The method of manufacture of this tea is quite interesting. The bud and the first leaf of new shoots of the tea bush are hand picked during the last two weeks of March and the first week of April. Only certain tea bushes grow the leaf that is required for this tea. The leaves are plucked between 3:30: am and 7:00 am when the dew is heavy on the leaves. These leaves are rushed to the tea factory where they are re-sorted and hand rolled ever so slightly. The leaves are then immediately steamed to capture the cool and crisp pre-dawn taste. Note that some of the leaves are covered with a ‘white down’. This signifies new, fresh and pure - characteristics that are held in high regards by those striving for the ultimate in tea quality.

Country of Origin: China  Region: Wuyi Mountains Region

Altitude: 2500 - 5000 ft  Grade: Handmade special snow buds

Manufacture Type: Steamed and handmade snow buds

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