How To Whisk Matcha

Many have asked the same question. How to froth up the Matcha? It is pretty simple. A good  whisk is the key here. Traditionally, a bamboo whisk is required for whisking. Nowadays, there are many gadgets we can used. In this video, we are doing a quick demonstration with a traditional bamboo whisk.

First, we put Matcha into a bowl. The amount of Matcha we put in is one teaspoon for 8 oz of water. The amount of Matcha is up to personal preference. For someone who is new to Matcha, we recommend using less to start.

Second, we slowly pour hot water into the bowl. Water should be at around 165 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celsius).

Third, we will start whisking slowly in a "M" motion to submerge the tea powder. Then speed up and whisk in a back and forth direction.

Forth, slow down once the tea is frothed up well and a layer of creamy foam appear.  

At the end, slowly whisk a few "M" or zigzag a few a few times. This is to reduce the big bubbles and creat a nice foam.