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Peppermint is a hybrid between spearmint and watermint.

The best peppermint comes from the northwestern United States. The pure, moist mountain air of the spring and early summer growing season gives this peppermint some of the highest volatile oil counts of any member of the mint family.

It is often consumed after meals as the oils stimulate the flow of bile to the stomach and helps relieve gas pains. Additionally, it has been reported and written that peppermint sweetens the breath and calms the digestive system, plus it helps heartburn, stomach ache and nausea. An interesting and tingling way to use peppermint is to place a handful of peppermint leaves in your bath water which will lower your body temperature - perfect for cooling fevered skin or after working on a hot summer’s day.

Peppermint is a primary ingredient in remedies used in the relief of gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, and local aches and pains. Because of its bright, pungent flavor, peppermint is often used to mask the unpleasant taste of various medicines. Peppermint tea is made from both the leaves and the flowers. As a hot tea it is cool and refreshing, as an iced tea the menthol content produces a pleasantly chilling taste sensation.

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Hot tea brewing method: Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil. Place 1/2 to 1 teaspoons of peppermint for each cup into the teapot. Pour the boiling water into the teapot. Cover and let steep for 3-7 minutes according to taste (the longer the steeping time the stronger the flavor). Pour into your cup. Milk or sugar is not generally added to the cup.

Iced tea brewing method: (to make 1 liter/quart): Place 6 teaspoons of tea into a teapot or heat resistant pitcher. Pour 1 1/4 cups of freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep for 5 minutes. Quarter fill a serving pitcher with cold water. Pour the tea into your serving pitcher straining the leaves. Add ice and top-up the pitcher with cold water. Garnish and sweeten to taste.

Very Berry Fruit Blend

If you like an all natural antioxidants filled caffeine free fruit blend, you should definitely try the Very Berry blend. 


We blended delicious and nutritious fruits and herbs to make this tea. The ingredients are black currants, raspberries, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers and rose hips. 

Very Berry makes excellent iced tea. When garnished with some honey,  kids will sure love this fruit punch like healthy tea.

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Apricot Cinnamon Tisane

Available soon is the Apricot Cinnamon Tisane. Flavors of apricots and cinnamon complement each other very well. Fruity, sweet and refreshing. The cinnamon spicy it up slightly to give it some edge. Brew it hot with some honey to warm you up in the cold. Or make an iced tea with it to replenish and rehydrate in the summer. Cheers!