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Very Berry Fruit Blend

If you like an all natural antioxidants filled caffeine free fruit blend, you should definitely try the Very Berry blend. 


We blended delicious and nutritious fruits and herbs to make this tea. The ingredients are black currants, raspberries, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers and rose hips. 

Very Berry makes excellent iced tea. When garnished with some honey,  kids will sure love this fruit punch like healthy tea.

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Apricot Cinnamon Tisane

Available soon is the Apricot Cinnamon Tisane. Flavors of apricots and cinnamon complement each other very well. Fruity, sweet and refreshing. The cinnamon spicy it up slightly to give it some edge. Brew it hot with some honey to warm you up in the cold. Or make an iced tea with it to replenish and rehydrate in the summer. Cheers!