Ceylon Kenilworth

Ceylon Kenilworth

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World renowned for its strong full-bodied cup. Our Ceylon Kenilworth brews a malty flavored cup that is full of life and very smooth. A fine tea after dinner or in the afternoon. 

Kenilworth tea is known around the world for its full bodied strong liquors (liquors is a tea tasting terms for taste of the tea in the cup) and is considered to be the hallmark of Ceylon medium grown teas. This estate receives an average rainfall of 190 inches per year. The location of the estate is unique in that both the South West and North East monsoons bring rain to this particular region. The Kenilworth Orange Pekoe grades are the most sought after by any medium grown tea garden.

Addtioinal Information

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka    Grade: OP (Orange Pekoe)

Altitude: 3000 feet                   Manufacture Type: Orthodox

Infusion: Noire tending coppery

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