Organic Jasmine Green

Organic Jasmine Green

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Our Organic Jasmine tea has exquisite abundant jasmine character. Organic tea is produced without the input of chemical fertilizers or pesticides and herbicides. The jasmine tree comes into bloom only during May and June. The blossom only lasts for about 12 hours and only comes out at night after the sun goes down. About half way through the night, the fragrance is at its peak, and it is at this time the blossoms need to be picked and layer into the tea. By the morning most of the fragrance has disappeared from the blossom, but if the tea maker has done his job correctly, this heavenly scent has been transferred to the tea and captured in time. This process is carried out on 5 successive evenings to impart the superior flavor of specially selected tea and jasmine flowers.

Country of Origin: China  Grade: Organic special jasmine tea

Attitude: up to 2500 ft       Infusion: Tending bright emerald green

Manufacture Type: Steamed green tea and infused with scent from midnight picked jasmine.

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Brewing Instructions Per 8 oz. of Water