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Japanese Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea).

Hojicha is a charcoal roasted Japanese charcoal roasted green tea.  The tea base for Hojicha is a summer harvested green tea called Bancha. 

Bancha is tea that contains both tea leaves and tea twigs. After the roasting process, the leaves and twigs turn brown and gives off a nice toasty aroma. 

When brewed, Hojicha makes a nutty cup of tea that is slightly sweet with a very clean finish. It is also excellent when served as an iced tea. 

The roasting process takes the vegetal/grassy edge off the green leaves and reduces the caffeine to a minimal level. The low caffeine content makes Hojicha a popular evening tea in Japan. For the same reason, it is also the tea of choice for children and elderly in Japan.

Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea

Genmaicha is a specialty Japanese green tea that is blended with fire-toasted rice. A good grade Japanese sencha is blended with the toasted rice. The fresh vegetative character of the green tea is imparted on the cup but it is tempered with the bakey-like character of the rice. There is a natural sweetness and almost chewy character to the finish of this tea. During the firing of the rice, it is common for rice to ‘pop’ like popcorn, hence the name "popcorn-tea"

Country of Origin: Japan

Grade: Sencha Genmaicha

Manufacture Type: Steamed green tea

Cup Characteristics: Light brownish yellow liquor with toasty flavor, tending sweet.