Matcha Kenya Highlands (Black Tea Matcha)

Matcha Kenya Highlands (Black Tea Matcha)

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This is an exceptional black tea Matcha from the Nandi Highlands of Kenya. It brews a smooth cup of tea that is delightfully malty. It is very well balanced with just the right astringency.

This special Matcha is made by grinding a rich, full leaf black Kenyan tea, selected for its tannins and antioxidant count, using a Japanese style Matcha mill. Craft-ground in small quantities only, Kenya Black Matcha dazzles the palette with smooth, malty notes balanced by a pleasingly smooth astringency. When brewing this incredible tea, we encourage you to experiment with various lea quantities, water temperatures, and whisking duration until you find the strength that‟s perfect for you.

Country of Origin: Kenya

Manufacture Type: Crafted in small batches, using the traditional Japanese method.

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