Matcha Green

Matcha Green

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This quality Matcha that we offer here is an example of a quality all purpose Matcha grown in Japan. The tea has a pale emerald green color and when consumed on its own, frothed up with a whisk, has an almost jammy-smoothness belied by a somewhat sweetly astringent cup.

Matcha is special, and because of the way it is produced, it is also powerful. Consider these numbers: 2 cups of brewed matcha contains 7 times the antioxidants of orange juice, 20 times that of apple juice, and nearly 20 g of calcium - and that’s just the short list! On a gram per gram basis, Matcha also contains approximately 10 times the polyphenols of regular teas. The healthy qualitites of the tea have led to the its break from tradition. Matcha can now be found served cold, as an ingredient in health shakes, ice creams, and even baked goods.

This Matcha is made using pure Gyokuro leaves, a Japanese tea variety that is shaded beneath special mats for 3 weeks before plucking. The shading forces the plants to produce a higher than normal chlorophyll content which gives the leaves a rich green color. Once plucked, the leaves are steamed and dried. Tea at this stage of the process is known as Aracha. Next, the Aracha is stripped of all stems and veins resulting in a pure leaf known as Tencha. Tencha is then stone ground into its finely powdered form. Since it is powdered, no matter how you prepare Matcha, you are actually consuming the leaves - which contain high nutritional value - there is no other tea in the world consumed in this manner.

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Pictured above is a brief Matcha brewing demonstration

  • Add 1 teaspoon of Matcha to a bowl.
  • Put a few drops of hot water into bowl and use a whisk to whisk the Matcha into a paste.
  • Pour6 to 8 oz. ofhot water (160-180F)  into bowl. Then in a slow "m' motion, submerge any loose bits of Matcha that may be floating on the surface of the tea.
  • Whisk the tea more briskly in a back and forth or circular motion until the surface of the Matcha becomes frothy.
  • Consume immediately.

For more Matcha brewing tips please visit our Matcha Brewing Guide Page