Ali Shan Oolong

Ali Shan Oolong

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This is a premium Oolong from Taiwan's Ali Shan Mountain. The brewed tea is a light bodied cup that is floral and softly sweet with an underlying complexity. It is very clean with notes of orchid and honey.

The Ali Shan mountainsides are covered with fog and clouds which are ideal for growing top grade premium Oolong. This Ali Shan Oolong is entirely hand made and is a top grade full grown big leaf style. It is lightly oxidized and very green in appearance. When infused, the tea is complex - smoother than black tea, less grassy than green teas, and displays a certain balance and harmony in the cup that is almost orchid like. Like all Oolongs, Ali Shan Oolong should be drunk straight without milk or sugar in order to appreciate its subtle complexities.

Ali Shan is truly a show case of Taiwan's superb Oolong tea growing skills and producing craftsmanship.

Country of Origin: Taiwan       
Grade: Top Grade Hand Made Oolong
Manufacture Type: Orthodox  
Infusion: Pale Yellow

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Brewing Instructions Per 8 oz. of Water