Matcha Salt

Matcha Salt is a great seasoning salt. Matcha salt is a simple and easy to make. It brings out the “umami” (Japanese for savory flavor) of meat and seafood. Matcha is uniquely flavorful. As a seasoning ingredient, it adds a vegetal and almost seeweed like flavor and natural sweetness to food. It is also not overpowering, it rather compliments your food. Combined with a quality salt, it can really add more depths and make your dish more interesting. 

Here are some things we would like to highlight: 

1. Use a Matcha to salt ratio of 5:1 or a ratio of your liking. 

2. We recommend Using sea salt or rock salt. 

3. Mix them well. 

4. Use Matcha salt as a rub for meat. 

5. Sprinkle Matcha salt on seafood and steak when serving.

Matcha  being added.

Matcha being added.


We use pink salt to mix with Matcha

We sprinkle Matcha salt on pan seared scallops.  

We sprinkle Matcha salt on pan seared scallops.  

We recommend using our culinary grade matcha when making steak rub Matcha salt. And when used as seasoning salt. We recommend the Matcha Green and Matcha Samidori 

Have fun cooking!