Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

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Our Irish Breakfast tea is a robust blend of Assam and Kenya black tea. It is a very full bodied cup of tea.

The strength and deeply malty flavor of a classic 2nd flush Assam tea is combined with the rich flavorful Kenya tea. Our Irish Breakfast blend is a CTC tea. CTC means cut, tear and curl. Like the name suggests, the leaves are cut, torn and curled into tiny pellets. As a result, CTC teas have more strength and taste stronger.

This tea is best enjoyed with milk since the casein in milk renders the tannins in tea insoluble and reduces the characteristic bitterness of strong teas. This is really a nice cup of Irish Breakfast tea to cheer you up to the morning.

Country of Origin: India, Kenya

Grade: BOP(broken orange pekoe), BP1 (broken Pekoe #1)

Manufacture Type: Orthodox CTC

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Brewing Instructions Per 8 oz. of Water